Story of Everpin - Private Map Journal


We launched Footprint - Where I’ve been App in 2013, the goal is to help you memorize the place you have been on the map. Through the years, we keep improving the app and now we rebrand the app into Everpin - Private Map Journal. The gist is to let you own 100% of your travel data privately. There is no signup, no server or other 3rd party cloud service to process your trip data. You can manually backup/export your data to a zip file and import it later. After upgrading to premium, you can access iCloud sync, unlimited photos and tagging features. 


What is this app for?

Everpin - Private Map Journal is designed to help you remember the place you have been on the map.


How to add a pin to the map?

Click + button to drop a pin on the map, you can move the pin around the map where you want to check in, then fill the pin with title, notes and photos. Also you can long press the screen to drop a pin to check in.

How to backup data?

Go to setting page, click export zip, it will generate a JSON & photo zip file, save this zip file to document folder of iCloud or other place. When import zip, make sure is zip file, not unzip file.


What is heat map and how to use it?

Heat map shows how frequent you had been to a country, the more pin you check into that country, the deeper the map color will be. You can choose different heat map colors in setting, and turn on or off the heat map in map style panel.


Can I tag or category my pins?

Yes, after upgrade to premium feature, you can add tag to each pin and filter them out.


What is other cool feature of the app?

In each pin page, you can go to see the street view of that address, this feture help you recall those happy memory.


Privacy Policy

We want you take control of your privacy 100%, so that’s how the app is built, there is no sign up, no 3rd party server or cloud to process your data. All the data is saved locally and 100% private.

Your feedback is valuable to us and We listen to our users. Please let us know how to improve the app. We are currently building more premium features such as: map view of your tagged pins, export to pdf, trip stats etc. Please let us know which one you like.

P.S. We will bring colored pin back!

Premium Access

We currently have 3 premium features: iCloud sync, Unlimited photos and Tagging.

We will add more premium features down the road, and eventually update to app to subscription based app. Lifetime premium access purchaser will access all the features in for ever.

Pricing Change

We used to charge $3.99 for download the app, but this pricing wasn't able to support us maintaining the app. We either pull this app from App Store or we need to increase the price to support the development. We decided to keep the app in the App Store and changed it to subscription based app. For user who previously purchased the app, you can send us your purchase receipt to: and we will compensate you with one lifetime premium access promo code.